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"I believe that eating raw is the future. Since I started eating raw just a few months ago I feel greatly developed. I welcome you to my blog where I hope to feed you with some information on various superfoods and provide you with recipes that are easy to follow. To the right are links to raw superfoods that you can purchase from various online stores"

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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Profound Findings

There is a certain book which I have recently read... It's called Green for Life written by Victoria Boutenko.
Reading it changed the way I thought about raw food and perhaps offered more truth about the food we eat. I believe everyone must read this book. Take some of the wisdom and findings she finds about a super raw life. So simple.....

Friday, 26 June 2009

Super Cacao shake!

Before work on a Sunday morning about 1 week ago, I watched a youtube video where David Wolfe was creating a powerful smoothie that lasted the majority of the day which you were meant to sip every now and then. I thought this would be a great idea for work as my work demands a high amount of physical activity so I got started on my own smoothie for that day.
Here is what I put in (if you're copying this recipe just put in as much of each ingrediant which satisfy's your needs):

Water base (David Wolfe used coconut water in his video as the base)
Cacao powder
Maca powder
Lacuma powder
Coconut oil
Bee pollen
Maple syrup
Agave Nectar

Then just blend it all up and take a sip every 30 minutes througout the day. That Sunday, I was amazed as I have never had that amount of energy before at work and for the whole 8 hours of just working full out my energy levels just remained at peak. The smoothie itself tasted extremely good as well due to the 3 types of sweeteners.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Super Book

A truly amazing book to buy is 'Superfoods' by David Wolfe. It gives you extremely detailed and factual information about a large variety of superfoods. It also provides stunning photography relating to these amazing raw superfoods. I've provided a link to the right that will take you to one of the sites that offer this product.
The book has really helped me to understand some of the superfoods out there and what nutritional information comes with them.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Great Raw Breakfast snack
I thought that as breakfast is an extremely important meal as it gets us going for the day, I am going to tell you what I have most mornings just as a light morning raw snack to give me energy for until I next eat. On my kitchen table are large jars filled with nuts, raisins etc. I grab a bowl and normally take a small handful of each of the raw foods within those jars which includes:

Brazil nuts, Walnuts, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds
Raisins, Goji's, Dates

Today I added a raw Cacao superfood bean. By itself, it's a bit to bitter for me so I peeled it and crushed it up and added it to my raw snack mix. I couldn't even taste it as it was hidden by all the other great assortments.

Friday, 19 June 2009


This product to your left is Agave Nectar. The best way I can describe it is 'A raw super sweetener'.
The Agave plant (many species) also referred to as 'Maguey' grows in Mexico and is of great importance to the countries culture and origins. When the centre of the plant is opened, sap is taken out which forms the 'Agave Nectar'.
Agave along with other raw sweeteners such as honey etc replaced sugar in my life almost instantly. It has a pure taste and I can definitely see why it is revered in Mexican culture also due it it's richness in minerals. This superfood is a lot thinner than honey and is similar to maple syrup in terms of texture and form.
Agave nectar is delicious and goes with almost any raw dessert. This is a perfect product to accompany raw cacao to form a super energy snack.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Marine Phytoplankton

Maring phytoplankton exists throughout the ocean and it is believed to provide our planet with around 90% of the earths oxygen. For billions of years it has fed marine life and through food chains etc has also fed creatures on land.
Just think of the creatures that feed on this superfood almost directly. Many whales in particular feed on this monstrous mass of plankton that is spread throughout earth and look how beautiful they are. Huge flowing creatures in balance with nature. Long lasting, great endurance and powerful minds.
I only found out about this superfood recently when watching David Wolfe on Youtube. He describes this superfoods as 'The meaning of Food'. Here is a youtube link 'Marine Phytoplankton'. I recommend watching this short video as it goes into a lot more detail about how important this food is and just how easy it provides us with so much energy without even needing to digest as it's already broken down. 'Instant Energy'. I will be purchasing this raw superfood as soon as I've finished dinner tonight.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Will Power versus Raw Food Diet

Hey everyone
When I started implementing raw food eating and superfoods into my diet, I made sure that I still ate what I normally ate however slowly adding these raw aspects. The reason for this is because it requires too much will power in my opinion to go straight into the diet as the change is so unbelievably different to an 'average diet'.
Therefore I started by eating fully raw for breakfasts. Then moved it to lunch and breakfast, while still cooking e.g. chicken, fish, lamb etc for dinner. I then stopped cooking vegetables like I normally did for dinner and just ate them raw. So I was eating about 50% raw for dinner and 50% cooked. This slow transition made it possible for me now to eat about 75-80% raw foods through out the day. Occasionally I will cook a few pieces of chicken to go with my food as it fulls me up very well whereas raw food and superfoods etc are so light and amazing they just give you energy and don't weigh you down so you do seem to remain slightly hungry.
Anyway, my advice therefore is to take it slowly and make sure the transition is slow so your body can adjust to this new revelation!